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see-through people, that aren’t invisible

“Holy people” or prophets and others who are regarded as a god incarnate KNOW they’re not a god. No, seriously, they KNOW THEY’RE NOT A GOD.
They’re either megalomaniacs, tyrants, charlatans, religious zealots or swindlers. At best. They have some reason for encouraging people to revere them, I don’t know what it is. Maybe they just get off on being evil.
Anyone who allows themselves to be revered as a god or as being in direct contact with a god should be either pitied, feared or found somewhat entertaining. Usually entertainment isn’t applicable. There are a lot more of these misguided, deluded  idiots out there than you can imagine.
You may be one of these people. I could be one. They’re everywhere. Belief in the supernatural ensures that these people will surface; many will propser. They cannot exist in a society of free thinking intelligent people.
Unfortunately, such a society doesn’t seem to have ever existed. Yet.

Beneath the Waves

Religion is the single most destructive force/concept/practice that ever existed. If there was a hell, it would be a world in which religion exists. Oh wait, we actually live in a world where religion exists. I guess you know what that means.

I don’t equate the concept of god with religion. It seems as though god is paramount to almost all religions. Apparently, god IS religion. But, I can’t begin a discussion of god right now while expressing thoughts on religion. We’ll save god for later.

Religion is to life as the ocean is to a leaking submarine. You can see the cracks in the walls, and you know that when one cracks open and the whole sub bursts, you’re going to be crushed to smithereens in less than a second.

Admittedly, those with religion will probably not agree with my analogy. I’m sure they’d think up some nice touchy-feely other-worldly fairy tale in which the ocean is the source of the submarine, or the force that nourishes the submarine, keeps it afloat and otherwise watches over it in a benevolent, yet freakishly insane manner with a LOT of rules and a bloodthirsty need for fear and worship.

Religion is to the submarine as the submarine is to the ocean. Huh? Religion tries to have effect on the submarine. It can’t exist without the submarine, but the submarine only needs to be in the ocean to get by. Religion tricks the submarine by emulating currents and therefore convinces the submarine of its importance. However, a submarine left to its own power can actually travel anywhere it wishes.

Religion speaks to the masses in tongues and the masses listen with their pocketbooks and wallets wide open. Religion is all about money, riches and fear.The Catholics indulge their religious elite with outright opulence.

Religion divides itself into many different flavors to satisfy all tastes. It doesn’t, however, come in ocean flavor. If you took religion and stretched it out in a line, it would run around the world two or three times, just like a boa constrictor wrapped around a rat or other small mammal. Religion strangles the individual and attempts to totally silence the inner dialogue and replace it with the party line. And who’s listening in? According to, at least 84% of all people claim to belong to some flavor of religion. And beyond that, nearly half of the 16% left over that claim to have no taste for religion still think of themselves a “theistic” in some manner. I think that leaves about 8% of the population to have the good sense not to get into the submarine in the first place.

Interestingly enough, atheists don’t even believe in submarines.