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Another Fantastic App!

Here’s another “can’t be without app!!!”

The maker of this app says you should put your iPhone in your pocket and see how high you can jump. Using GPS, the app will tell you how high you jumped. Big deal.

To realize the full potential of this app, forget jumping up into the air…that’s lame.
Instead, throw the phone as high as you can!
Let the app decide who has the strongest phone throwing arm.
Compete with your friends!
Now THIS is a handy app to have, for sure.


The Music of Paul N. Dion: Down the Frozen River to the Sea

Through clear bright skies and colorful days
The spent forest leaves they are blown
And when I hear melodious wind
It’s time for cold to charm
Say farewell to warmth when cold adorns
The river soon to stay
And of all the time I’ve had so far
I love the winter’s sharp play
When the skies turn to grey
All the light far away
When a cool visitor warns
The daylight will wane
And maybe the rain
Will cry feeling forlorn
As time slows down a shivering world
Subdued crystal views from the storm
And when you’ve heard that thundering gale
The river stands transformed
As the seasons change and turn around
The winter takes its toll
And when all the rhymes are laced with ice
Falls fast the season’s first snow
When the ground frozen hard
All the trees stand their ground
Then a cool voice to be heard
The river may still
But if a wind chills
The urge to hurry home
To call for that which winter may grant
Find peace quiet calm all your days
So when the time you spend is at last
The warmth will guide your way
From clear bright skies to cloudy array
The weary wind still how it blows
But when you hear melodious chimes
The frozen river won’t flow
Say farewell to warmth when cold adorns
The river soon to stay
And of all the time I’ve had so far
I love the winter’s sharp play
When the skies turn to grey
All the light is far away
When a cool visitor warns
The river will freeze
And visit the seas
From whence it all began
To listen to the music of Down the Frozen River to the Sea, Click Here
To download the lyric booklet, Click Here
To access the CD itself, Click Here

Music & Lyrics by: Paul N. Dion
Produced, Arranged and Performed by Paul N. Dion
Copyright © Paul N. Dion/Audion Music
Recorded at Dion Studios, Barre, MA on October 15th, 2012

Bald Eagle

This is where my hair used to be. If no one tells me I have a funny-shaped head, I may keep my hair this long, I mean short. Allen is in Costa Rica, so he hasn’t seen my bald head yet. I guess if I like not having hair, I could actually shave my head. I wonder what that would feel like and if I might nick my head. I don’t think I’d like that very much.

Time to do some religion bashing…and this time with pictures.

You know, I think there’s something really wrong with religion. I know, many of you will be surprised to hear this. OK, only kidding, if you’re reading this blog then you probably already know how I feel about religion. If not, you will by the end of this post.

Part of a balanced religious regimen

Religion is morally corrupt. It is evil. The opposite of good. Religion pretends to be in the business of promoting goodness, doing good things, thinking good thoughts, blah, blah, blah…but if you disagree with a religious person’s convictions, they just might kill you. 
Islamic Squirrels
Oh yeah, I know, “good people can be found in every religion.” Oh sure, they’re good until someone blasphemes their creator and ruler of their universe and then they’ll just kill you.
Superman vs Jesus

Religion is vicious and insidious. Religion makes me want to vomit. It has undesirable qualities, lots of them. One of religions worse traits is to produce brainless morons who believe that they’ll have a super nifty after-life if they convert everyone to their religion. And if they try to convert you but you don’t want to follow their one true god, they’ll probably kill you. 
Angelic Appearances Always Amuse

 Religion is worse than smoking cigarettes or not wearing sunblock. It’s just that bad.

Jesus loves the little FaceBook people

Yes, I know, “it’s the religious fanatics and fundamentalists that give religion a bad name.” So the religious moderates must be OK, right? No. Not so much. They are the pillars of the temple that house and nurture all the fanatics and fundamentalists. Where do you think these fanatics and fundamentalist are coming from? 

Jesus displays misogynistic tendencies

Religion makes people insane. It’s a great way to do horrible and despicable things and get away with it. No one is allowed to question anything you do if doing it is part of your religion’s rules of engagement. No really, you can kill people if you want to.

Where are the mormons?

Did you know that there are so many different religions that you can shop around and find one that will support any kind of horror you wish to engage in. Most religious people like the religions that allow killing non-believers. 

Hey, Joe...want to give it a go?

If you encourage me, I’ll revisit this topic often. Actually, I’ll probably never stop ranting. This is who I am. You can like it or not. But because I eschew religion you don’t have to worry about me killing you. 

Want more?