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Tick-Man and Jesus

jesus wants to help a surgeon
Tick-Man asked Jesus if he wanted to help with is secret project but Jesus said no. He wanted to help this surgeon. But the surgeon wouldn’t take Jesus’ help because he doesn’t have a medical degree.
Jesus did find time to pay Melissa’s rent (early) for March, 2014.
So, I can’t really complain.

Sound Rage

I pretty much bought every domain you can with the words soundrage, sound-rage, and selectivesoundsensitivty in them (.com, .net, .org, .us, .info, etc) I’m going to become a highly visible site with generous adsense adds to generate income. Not to mention information on misophonia. I’m thinking that people will like soundrage more than they will misophonia. Which sort of sounds like you have a problem with miso soup…
I’m going to need a really good looking website with a mobile version as well. I want to have a section where people write in and tell their story… or maybe a “trigger bank” where people can add their soundrage triggers to a list. A FAQ, maybe a Q&A, resource links, videos, audio… everything I can think of.
All if the domain I listed above forward to
If you have any idea about things to add to the site – let me know!

American Idol Worship

American Idol Spirtual Advisors ,,,WAH????

Fox’s American Idol singing competition provides the contestants with coaches and mentors such as people to help with wardrobe, makeup, moving around on stage, song selection and working with the live band. Stuff like that. But this year they’ve added something new.

Check this out: 
“You shall not make for yourself an idol” is an abbreviated form of one of the Ten Commandments which, according to the book of Deuteronomy, were spoken by God to Israel and then written on stone tablets by God himself.

The folks at Fox must have gotten a warning from the almighty about making idols as this year they have added…. SPIRITUAL MENTORS presumably to cancel out that “not make for yourself an idol” thing.

I don’t  think God is going to be fooled by this lame attempt to circumvent one of his biggest commandments. It’s the second commandment. That’s way up the list.

I wasn’t surprised when I heard this announcement on the show the other night. But it did make me throw up.

Gay Rights still face worldly challenges

2013 was a what is referred to as a banner year for gay rights in the U.S. with more favorable legislation being approved and ever increasing public approval of equality for all of its citizens.
There are still may place on earth where human rights are suppressed and where being gay itself is illegal. Not only is it illegal to be gay in some countries, but the penalties for being gay are surreal. Let’s take a look at what’s going on in other less civilized countries across the globe.
Iran: death
Afghanistan: death
Saudi Arabia: death by stoning or life imprisonment
Yemen, inconsistent penalties that can include 7 years in prison, whipping, or death by stoning
Qatar: death If you are Muslim, everyone else: seven years in prison

Sudan: death or life imprisonment
Nigeria: death
Somalia: death by stoning
Gambia: 24 hours to leave the country or have your head cut off 
Mauritania: death by public stoning
Uganda: life imprisonment
Tonga: 10 years imprisonment
Guyana:  life imprisonment
Tanzania: minimum 20 years in prison, possible life sentence
Zambia: 15 years to life imprisonment
Sierra Leone: life imprisonment

Barbados: life imprisonment
Trinidad and Tobago: 25 years in prison
Antigua and Barbuda: 15 years imprisonment
Saint Kitts and Nevis: 10 years imprisonment
Trinidad and Tobago: 25 years imprisonment
Jamaica: 10 years of hard labor if the people don’t chop you up into pieces on the streets
Dominica: 10 years imprisonment or incarceration in a psychiatric institution
India: life imprisonment
Maldives: death
Consistently progressive in it’s stance on human rights and social issues, Google makes a bold and colorful statement on its opinion about Russia’s recently-introduced anti-gay legislation.

Look at these pictures. Even if you don’t want to.

The pictures in this post are disturbing but if you don’t look at them, you will NOT fully understand what is happening in Russia and be fully aware of the human right violations being supported by the government itself. I know some of you will look at a few pictures and think “yes, I know there are egregious offenses taking place, but I don’t have to look at a bunch pictures to be aware of it…” But I disagree. Look and see for yourself what’s going on right now in Russia in the year 2014.

Gays beaten in the streets

Gay people in Russia face legal and social discrimination on a scale much larger than that found in most other “civilized” countries. There are currently no laws prohibiting discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation in Russian law.

Russia's shame

In 2013, Russia enacted a law that essentially makes it illegal to even suggestthat gay relationships are equal to heterosexual relationships. Distribution of material on gay rights is also (for the most part) banned.

Inexcusable behavior out in the open

Since the passage of the “anti-gay propaganda law,” many gay rights activists have been arrested and the incidence of hate crimes has escalated dramatically. If you want to be totally traumatized, go to YouTube and watch actual videos of gay people being beaten, abused, and humiliated in the streets. The problem is so common; it’s no longer relegated to the dark alley or remote location. No, it’s right out in the streets.

Russia's hateful legislation

A law prohibiting gay pride parades in Moscow (that was already on the books for the past one hundred years) has also become a very risky endeavor.

In my opinion, Russia’s unconscionable attitude towards gay people is simply unacceptable and is deplorable. I think the Olympic committee (or whoever decides where the Olympics will be held) should be ashamed of their decision to have the Olympics in such a discriminatory, hostile, hateful country.