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Sign Me Up!

Allen just returned from a “job interview.” I asked him how it went when he got home. He made a few comments. I asked if this was the employment agency interview he had previously set up. He told me that it was that appointment but that it wasn’t so much a real employment agency. I asked him how their services worked and after some vague response, he casually mentioned that it cost $3000 to buy this company’s services. I asked him if he laughed when the woman told him this. For some reason he hadn’t.

We don't help you with resume writing

He asked if the service guaranteed to find him a job. Answer: No.
He asked if they set up job interviews. Answer: No.
He asked if they assisted with job interviews. Answer: No.

We don't help you with fillin gout applications

After he told me the answer to each of these questions I again asked if he laughed. But he hadn’t laughed. I, on the other hand, only saw ridiculous humor in this “service” he was being asked to buy into.

At some point, Allen somehow worked a question into the conversation about what exactly they DID do for $3000. The woman said they networked and “spread his name around.” When I heard this the first thing I thought of was that they would be writing his name on bathroom walls. Apparently, this wasn’t their method of networking but Allen couldn’t be too specific with me about what, where, when and why they “networked him” because the sales pitch was (in Allen’s words) convoluted. And he told the woman so. She lost her zeal for selling him her employment scam, I mean networking services after Allen didn’t reach for his checkbook.

We don't actually recruit people for existing jobs

Incidentally, $3000 was the figure the woman quoted him because she said it was the level of service that would “meet his needs.” Allen wasn’t sure how she could know this since they hadn’t discussed his needs.

So this is the state of the economy; if you want to use an employment agency, YOU have to pay them and they don’t do much of anything for you.

We don't actually GET you a job

As soon as we were done with the discussion it struck me. This interview was a gift!

Allen needs to set up his own networking agency! It’s a perfect job. You advertise yourself as an employment agency then you find people to buy your services. All you have to do after that is go to networking groups such as those sponsored by various organizations like the Chamber of Commerce or the Small Business Service Bureau, etc and hand out your customer’s business cards. Hell, you don’t even really have to GO to these networking groups, just say you did and report to your clients how many fascinating employers you networked with and handed their business cards to.

It’s the perfect job. It doesn’t have to interfere with your leisure time day activities and you don’t work holidays.

I'm sold! Here's my $3000 !!!! 

I am NOT a misophonic (and neither are you).

This statement appears in the description of the Misophonia: Coping and Solutions Facebook Group:

“It has been shown in cases that sharing triggers with other misophonics [sic] can create newly acquired triggers for them.”

OK, I have 2 problems with this statement:

1) I don’t like it when people make up words. There is no such word as misophonic. There’s no shortcut (yet) for saying person with misophonia. While I’m on the subject, there is no such word as miso. I see people use this non-word in sentences like: blah, blah, blah… my miso makes it hard for me to blah, blah, blah… you don’t have miso, you are a person with misophonia. I’ve blogged about this sort of thing before. I don’t like cute words people make up to replace an already perfectly good actual word. Why do people feel a need to be soft-n-cuddly with words? (Vegetables are not veggies. Ugh.)

2) This may or may not be true. I suspect it isn’t. The person writing the description doesn’t cite any source of this statement, they’ve just said it is so. What cases are they referring to? Who studied this and published a scientific paper on it? I swear, this person just made this up on the spot. I’ve read pretty much everything there is to read about misophonia and I can tell you that there’s far more that is not known about it than is known. There is no known cure, no proven cause and no studies that one can cite to make any significant definitive statements about any aspect of misophonia. The science just isn’t there yet.

I wouldn’t have paid any attention to the suggestion/concept if the writer had said something like “it’s possible that sharing information about triggers with other people with misophonia could result in creating newly acquired triggers…” After all, nobody knows if this is true or not so suggesting it’s a possibly keeps a healthy dialog going. But making definitive statements about misophonia without backing your assertions with facts is misleading and not going to helpful to anyone in the end (especially if you’re wrong!).

I understand the desire to sound authoritative when writing about one’s personal experience and wanting to share information. But having a disease or being in a disadvantageous situation doesn’t automatically make one an expert and writing something down doesn’t make it so or give it any credence. You need facts and figures to present your case. If I am reading your work and you make assertions of facts not in evidence, I start to doubt everything else you have to say.

Is half enough?

Check out this jar of grape jam:
jar of grapes and sugar
 Nice jar of jam.
Notice the label,
it indicates that the jar contains 2lbs of jam.
Now check out the back label:
half a pound of sugar
Hmn, every TWO POUND JAR
Starts out with ONE POUND of grapes.
What’s the other pound made of?
(you only get one guess)
…and they’re PROUD that the contents of the jar is only HALF GRAPES!

Life is Memorable (maybe)

At best.

Walking through doorways causes forgetting, new research shows (there’s hope for me yet).
Protect all aspects of your memory with these research-backed tips:

1. Meditation for working memory. Meditation can help you hold more information in your working memory by improving your concentration.

2. Coffee for memory consolidation. New research shows that consuming caffeine after learning something new can improve your ability to remember it a day later.

3. Berries for long-term memory. Flavonoids found in berries, especially blueberries, appear to strengthen existing connections in your brain, which can stave off age-related memory decline.

4. Exercise for spatial memory. Physical exercise not only improves spatial memory, it can also improve many other cognitive abilities.

5. Chewing gum for stronger memories. Preliminary studies show that chewing gum can improve performance on memory tests — possibly because it increases activity in the hippocampus.

6. Sleep for memory consolidation. Sleep is where most of your memory consolidation takes place, and when you don’t get enough rest your long-term memory storage can suffer.

flee from the scene

We’re all arrogant and deluded. Except me. I’m just better than you.
Statement indicating that one person is superior by undisclosed means to another.
Often used to stop moments of awkward silence.
There’s a fine line between confidence and arrogance.

Your general knowledge of everything is good and improving every day. People come to you for advice, tips, and even guidance. Soon you begin to think you have become an expert and feel others are dependent on you. But they’re not. You have all the answers for anything and everything, or so you think. Eventually, you gradually become dismissive of others. You are arrogant. Or, you might just be better than they are. It’s hard to tell.
You answer every question with another question.

Knows at least as much as God

Baba Rae Saba Soothsayer, Seer, Harbinger and Herald
This is Allen’s Birthday Weekend. Most people get a day to commemorate their day of birth (hence the name: Birthday). But Allen gets a whole weekend. And what a weekend it will be. NYC will have 2 more visitors to accommodate this weekend.

We will be wandering the streets and taking in the sights. We have three (count ’em THREE) shows to go to. We’re seeing The Lion King, Pippin and Hedwig. I hear there will be a dinner at Ruby Tuesday Restaurant.I will be checking in with Facebook throughout the weekend with Status Updates.

This horse knows less than Baba Rae Saba. Don’t trust this horse’s opinions.