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Super Powers

Everyone has a super power inside them. Not all superpowers are the same, however. Take Matter-Eater Lad above. He’s a real super hero and is a member of the Legion of Super-Heroes. He possesses the power to eat matter in all forms but his power is so stupid that it sickens me.

This is Squirrel Girl. She has the mutant power to communicate with squirrels. Yes, that’s it. Her superpower is communication with squirrels. And you thought Matter-Eater lad was lame…

OK, ready for this? This is Arm Fall Off Boy. I’m not kidding. His name is Arm Fall Off Boy. This is somewhat of a misnomer because his arm doesn’t fall off, he pulls it off. Then he uses it as a blunt weapon to beat villains. This is worse than Matter-Eater Boy AND Squirrel Girt put together. In fact, I’m ashamed to mention him at all.

My point in bringing these super powered beings to your attention is to prove that YOU have superpowers, there’s no doubt about that. Think about it, you can probably do all sorts of amazing things.

Do you use your super powers to the benefit of others or only to improve your own life? As a super hero, you have an obligation to banish evil and promote peace and prosperity to the people of earth. Never use your powers for evil. if you do, you run the risk of being eaten, paralyzed by squirrel talk or beaten with an arm.

What could be worse than that?

Some things are harder to do than others

Sometimes, I get a feeling of unreality. I used to think that I was the only person to experience this. But I am not. Knowing has made a tremendous difference. 
I’m now involved with Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. This actually the first time I have ever been actively involved in any type therapeutic intervention.
It’s great. It’s based in science, so I can work with it. My therapist is a psychologist and she’s great. 

Birthday 2104


Today is my 59th birthday. I was going to review it but it’s not over yet. So far, I’ve had 2 Dunkin Donuts sesame seed bagels for breakfast with Starbucks coffee. Also, I got some M&M peanut candies and an uptown tour bus tour. It was great. In the middle of the tour I became extremely anxious and took an Ativan. It didn’t do anything so took another. That one didn’t do anything for at least a half hour and it’s effects were minimum. Then I rested for an hour listening to new age-like music and rain. While I rested, Allen went out and bought me a Captain America t-shirt. Now, in a few minutes we’re going out for salmon. I’ll let you know about the rest of birthday later. If I remember to…

What’s right is right…


 …but you ain’t been right yet.

So sayeth Nancy Sinatra and she should know. Those boots were, in fact, made for walking and that’s just what she’ll do. Unless she’s dead. Then she should just lie there in her Sinatra Mausoleum. Oh, I just checked. She’s alive and has a website: Apparently, she made several albums. I was shocked to find this out.

In other news, I’m off to NYC “Where women glow and men plunder.” As suggested by Men at Work. There I will celebrate my last year in my 5th decade of life as I have come to know it. The celebration will include 2 Broadway shows and food.

A discussion of great nothingness

snakes for jesus

As we know, this doesn’t always work out well
A slightly disjointed religious rant.  
“Holy people” who are regarded as a god incarnate KNOW they’re not a god. 
But they keep that to themselves. 
At best, they’re either megalomaniacs, tyrants, charlatans, religious zealots or swindlers. Otherwise, they have some secret reason for encouraging people to revere them or they just get off on being powerful and controlling. Anyone who allows themselves to be revered as a god or as being in direct contact with a god should be either pitied, feared or found somewhat entertaining. Usually entertainment isn’t applicable. There are a lot more of these misguided, deluded idiots out there than you can imagine. You may be one of these people. I could be one. They’re everywhere. 
Belief in the supernatural ensures that these people will surface. They cannot exist in a society of free thinking intelligent people. Unfortunately, there doesn’t seem to be such a society in the world of which I am aware. Was there ever one?
Sometimes, people proclaim that all ancient societies have had supernatural/godlike belief systems. They’ll bring up examples of religions that existed thousands of years before Jesus. Those examples are meant to show that religion and a belief in an all-powerful creator is hard-wired into the brain of the human species. And to them, this must mean that there’s a force at work that beckons people to have religious aspirations and come to acknowledge a personal god in the process. Incidentally, unanswered in that proclamation and line of reasoning is an answer to the question of what happened to the millions of people who lived before Jesus and believed in a god other than the Christian god? Were they all doomed to eternal damnation in hell? But that’s not for this discussion…
To my way of thinking, having the belief that if something has existed for a very long time proves that it is true is just ridiculous. And if this need for a mysterious almighty power somehow makes it incumbent upon all future generations forever to come to accept this old concept as having eternal validity then we, as a species, are mostly likely not going to be around too much longer (in cosmic-scale times). As matter of interest, the belief that something is true and valid if it has existed for a long time presents problem to the Christians, doesn’t it? How can they reconcile the fact that there were religions that came before Christianity that lasted much longer than Christianity has so far?
The next time you meet a holy person, perhaps you can ask them about some of these things. I’m past the need to have a dialogue about religion or a god with the leaders of any religion. I don’t get off to a good start on those times in the past when I have tried to do this. I can’t call a priest “father” when addressing him, nor can I offer any other holy men their courtesy titles. These titles are ridiculous. I won’t use them and in so doing acknowledge their belief that they are in contact with or have a special arrangement with the one true god of their particular flavor of woo woo. They’re all deluded idiots that are not even worth my pity.
Last thought: 
What would happen if the Christian god changed his mind (and exercised his prerogative to work in a mysterious way) and sent a SECOND SON to the people of earth? WTF? 
Would the Christians:
1) Recognize it as valid? How would they know it was brought to be by a god?
2) Accept his words and deeds as equal or would his acts and commandments supersede his younger brother’s word?
3) Would they proclaim this new son of a god the anti-Christ and kill him? This time around, would the Christian god ALLOW his second son to BE killed?
4) And lastly, what mysterious mandate would this new son of god have?

Cup-o-Joe for Christ

When I was young, coffee stained the inside of white coffee cups. This doesn’t seem to be the case any more. I don’t know why.

milky-white 1960's coffee cup
A reasonable depiction of the coffee cups

Once in a while, my mother would say: “It’s time to bleach the coffee cups.” And that’s just what she would do.  The coffee cups (there were 4 and they had a milky-white slightly translucent composition) would be filled with water and some amount of bleach and allowed to sit quietly in the sink for an hour or so.  I don’t know if these cups didn’t get washed too well on a routine basis or if the material from which they were made was a coffee stain magnet. But after the cups were sufficiently bleached white, she would rinse them out and the cycle would begin anew. Coffee cup bleaching was an event not to be taken lightly. It had to be announced and the process laid out for all to see. It was fascinating, in a sort of incredibly mundane, arcane and inane way.

Speaking of the ridiculous:

Reticently, an impressive Selfie taken was on the 98-foot tall Christ the Redeemer Statue in Rio by a British travel company executive named Lee Thompson. Yes, this guy stood on the head of Jesus to take his own picture. The most interesting thing about this is that the statue has access stairs inside of it to allow for repairs to the statue. This was news to me. Anyway, it seems that wind and water erode the statue which sounds alright but they also need to repair the statue after lightening strikes. This strikes me as funny. Why would God throw lightening bolts at his only begotten son?

Lee Thompson Stands on Jesus' Head and takes Selfie

And while we’re on the subject of discussing monogenes, how can three flavors of God be the same and equal if one of them is one of the three’s only begotten? Yeah, that’s a strange sentence. The Christians love discussing this a LOT. Seems that the Greek translation of monogenes is ripe for its own reality TV show. Perhaps it should be called “translation-wars.”

God’s Birthday Present

God has decided I need another health issue. He seems to be adding to my collection more and more over time. I think it’s a ploy to make sure I pay attention to him and stop being a disbeliever. I don’t think that’s going to happen. Maybe if God turned my brain into cottage cheese I would stop being a non-believer. But that won’t actually make me become a believer because I will have cottage cheese for brains.

rock paper scissors