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The Audio Interview

Here is the audio portion of interview I did with Neal Augenstein of WTOP Radio, Washington, DC as it aired around 2pm this afternoon. It consists of about 50 seconds of what was a 7-minute phone interview.

My voice can be heard for an astounding 7.05 seconds. After which time the reporters laugh and joke saying that they think they may have it – using up the next 9.5 seconds to say: “I’m glad to know there’s a name for that. I think I’ve got a mild version of it but not everything ticks me off. (laughter) Loud eating sometimes does it. I’ll have to overcome that. (laugh) I’ll have to work on myself a bit.”

I guess that’s 7 seconds forward and 9.5 seconds back.

(I wonder if they interview parents of autistic children and then make jokes about autism afterwards.)

Here at your service

Magic Wishing Well

Visit the Magic Wishing Well


Is it true that my mom and my friends hate me?  YES.
What is my name? Ask your mother.
Was I was born in 1982? (see above)
Will my dream come true by morning? NO, it will end in the morning.
Are you for real wizard? NO, I am a soothsayer, seer harbinger and herald, It says so right on the website.
Will i get a baby in a car seat by the morning in the morning? It depends how long your labor is.
Did I get a time-machine remote today? NO.
First an egg came or hen? First a duck spoke and then a line was drawn in the sand.
Can you do impossible wishes? By definition, NO.
Will my wife ever have sex with other men in front of me I don’t know, why don’t you ask her boyfriend?
Will I be making millions of dollars off my rap and song stylist? NO.
How long will this take? 7 years.
Is this real? Are you serious? OK, I’m going to say: YES.
Can u make this happen in 30 seconds please? I can ‘t even read your wish in 30 seconds.
Can u make this happen now please Im very desperit I will mak eit so – so you can go back to skool.
Will my mom be mad? I think depends somewhat on what it was that you did.
Please I just want to know when this will happen I’m awaiting If I told you it wouldn’t be a surprise.
Please just grant my wish Ill stop messing with you Don’t make Baba mad, he’ll turn you into soup.
Am I in America or Pakistan? Look outside. If the police are shooting black people, you are in America. If someone is being stoned to death in the town square, you are in Pakistan.
You know what I am saying? I do now.
Canada is in America or in London? OMG
Can you please shut this websites? STFU
Do you speak Urdu? ہاں ہوں
Tell me my persnality . Shallow and uneducsted.   
Will my wife come back ? How long has she been gone?
What is my name? We’ve already discussed this.
Do you have magic power? Absolutely.
Will I find love and mary? You’ll find love but I’m not so sure about Mary.
aM I touchy? NO, but you’re feely so that balances everything out nicely.
I want 2 go Karbala. So go.
My died date. I’m lost for your sorry
Am I currently pregnant? There are tests for that. Even the dollar store sells them. Buy a few and compare results.
Will i find my charming prince? Are you currently in Disneyland? If so, YES.
Oops sorry for the previous question. Me too.
Will I die in February 2015? Since it is February 27th, if you make it through the day, then the answer is NO
Can you grant wish? That’s what I’m here for.

Interview with WTOP Radio, Washington, DC

WTOP Radio Washington, DCI just finished my online interview with reporter Neal Augenstein of WTOP Radio, Washington, DC. It was a short interview – maybe 5 minutes. I wasn’t watching the clock. Fortunately, I was able to answer all of his questions; I was hoping that I wouldn’t sound uninformed since he was interviewing me as some kind of expert in the field.

Neal Augenstein of WTOP radio Washington, DC

Neal Augenstein

I know I won’t like to hear my voice but the interview will air tomorrow (Feb 27th) sometime around or after noon. If you miss it live (ha, I don’t think the WTOP broadcast area includes Massachusetts) the interview will be available on their website. Neal said he’d send me the link (we’re on a first-name basis, you know).


When it rains…

Something is up in the Misophonia community today. I don’t know what it is but something has sparked an incredible influx of requests to join the Facebook Group. Also, the amount of comments being left on the website are off the charts as well.

voices in my head

I have approved at least 100 requests to join the Facebook Group so far today. I don’t have an exact count because it started off slow, like a cold, and I didn’t know that I should be counting. Imagine, over 100 requests to join! It’s crazy. I can’t put my phone down for even a minute and not see more red numbers on the Facebook icon that indicates more requests to join the group.

There must have been a TV mention of the disorder or a Facebook Misophonia Explosion event. The website comments are crazy-busy… and I have to vet those more carefully than the Facebook ones so it’s taking a lot of time.

The Support Forum is also in the race. Posts, posts, posts.

What’s going on?

UPDATE: I just found out that the reason for the increase in activity is due to a New York Times article about Misophonia that came out yesterday. Awesome!

Don’t bother

Here’s a comment I received this morning from the website:

Name: Dan Page

Message: Really wanted to read your information but the constantly changing quotations box became so irritating I had to leave the site. Let me know if you get rid of the fifth grade level of web site building quotation box and I will come back here.


A few years ago, I made a flash show to accommodate the song Loneliness and it played upon entering the Tick Central website. At any time during the presentation, the visitor could click anywhere and immediately be directed to the actual website.

Yesterday, I created an updated version of the flash show, but as it turns out, flash is falling out of favor as a method of creating animated or movie-like presentations. Unfortunately, my new flash show wouldn’t play on any browsers or iOS devices. The software creators of the program I used to create the show didn’t support the product anymore so I can’t use it in the future.

But because I wanted to share it, I took a screen capture of the flash show and here it is; a little less sharp than the original. I hope you like it, I do. The video is available by clicking the play button below.

If anyone knows the name of my You Tube channel, please let me know. I just created it within the last hour. I have tones of stuff I’m going to upload in the future. This is my You Tube premiere.