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Tax the Churches

It is insane that churches don’t pay taxes. How the hell did this ever come to be? If churches want to be exempt from taxes, why don’t they have to prove WHY they should be. In other words, why don’t they have to prove God exists?

If you want to start and run a charity, have a for-profit raffle or resell wholesale items at retail, you have to show that your reason for the tax exemption meets certain guidelines – that it is an actual enterprise with a physical product or legitimate benefit or some kind. But if you believe in the mythology of the naive and ignorant, you can get enormous tax breaks with no more effort than declaring your organization or activity to be a religious one.

Tax the Churches!

If people wan to delude themselves and live in fear and engage in meaningless rituals and unproven philosophies – let them. Who cares? But keep your hands out of my wallet.

You can’t please everyone…

Even if you are 100% invested in a project, you will not satisfy everyone’s expectations.

Here’s comment that was left on the Facebook Misophonia Support group 11 minutes ago:

“We desperately need Paul Dion’s increased presence and oversight here. For a group of well over 4,000 people that grows every day, we absolute have to have admin(s) that are watching and holding people to standards of behavior.”

It’s easy to take this to heart but I remind myself that some people are of low wattage.

The Facebook Misophonia Support Group

You can’t please everyone…

There are 4,893 members of the Misophonia Support Group and I read every post and all comments. I delete posts/comments when they are outside the focus of the group’s stated purpose. The purpose of this group is stated in the “About” section. Generally, few people actually read the stated purpose of the group and then complain about posts that are, in fact, appropriate.

I don’t know what more an admin can do “watch” a group besides read every post and  comment. Trust me, it takes a lot of time to stay on top of a huge Facebook group.

…and as for having more “admins ” that is a very bad idea unless you know the person you intend to make a fellow admin…because any admin can delete any member including a fellow admin. I would not want to be deleted from my own Facebook Group.

Tales of Yesteryear: Wuskanut Building S. Grafton, MA

When I was young, if someone became ill and needed medical attention, they didn’t go to a clinic, urgent care facility or to a hospital. No, they just called the doctor and the doctor came to the house. In S. Grafton, in the late fifties and sixties, that doctor would be Dr. Jacobs. He would arrive with his black leather medical bag and take it from there. Dr. Jacobs did have an office (in his house on Main St.) and you could go see him there if he wasn’t out making house calls.

wuskanut_mills_store 1919

Wuskanut Mills Store 1919 – my grandmother, Hermaline, lived upstairs in the small building pictured to right of the Wuskanut building in the mid-sixties.

After seeing Dr. Jacobs, one might need to fill a prescription. If so, it would be time to go to Finn’s Pharmacy on the corner of Main and Harding St. Finn’s Pharmacy was more than a pharmacy, it was also an old-fashioned convenience store and a full-blown soda fountain. It had a long counter on the left side with a bubble gum machine on the counter as well as signs on the walls. Behind the counter, there were machines that made floats and shakes, paper cone dispensers, mixers, stainless steel cups and Coca Col- styled glasses. The counter was lined with red vinyl swivel stools. They were fun to spin around on.

Alfred Morse Store  1917

Alfred Morse Store 1917 The barn on the left still stands today.

If one needed a prescription filled after hours or had any other immediate need for a medical device or other important item that Mr. Finn sold, he would open the store for you. Yes, really.


Lynch's Pharmacy  Sold Oct-15-1939

Lynch’s Pharmacy 1939

Finn’s Pharmacy was the last pharmacy to occupy this building that was built in 1872. Over the years, the building housed several other pharmacies as well as a few other businesses.

FOURTH PIC Wuskanut  Pharmacy

Wuskanut Pharmacy 1930’s?

There is a Post Office to the left of the front door to the pharmacy.

The building’s history, as far as I was able to ascertain:

The original Wuskanut Mills Store
Lynch’s Pharmacy
The Alfred Morse Store
Wuskanut Pharmacy (the sign says “curb service!”)
Finn’s Pharmacy
Charlie’s Variety
The South Grafton Mini Mart

FIFTH PIC Finn's Pharmacy

Actually, I don’t know which came first, Charlie’s Variety or the S. Grafton Mini Mart, but I think I got the order correct. I couldn’t find a picture of Charlie’s Variety…. but it must look almost exactly as this picture of S. Grafton Mini Mart.


Sadly, this building seems to have lost its usefulness. After a fire occurred sometime around the turn of the millennium, it was closed and boarded up.

End of an Era

The building as it appears today.