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Magic Wishing Well

Magic Wishing Well

It’s been a long time since I published some Baba Rae Saba Magic Wishing Well Wishes…Here are some wishes with comments from Baba:

Baba Rae Saba's Magic Wishing Well

Baba Rae Saba’s Magic Wishing Well

I wish that Andrew Jackson would text me today
( I wouldn’t count on it)

I wish God would remind me what it was I learned from him about the truth
(Seems as though you’d remember if God spoke to you)

I want receive my merrier summer in my account very every so often
(that’s just stupid)

I wish I have time machine that runs on solar power
(yea, you’d need a pretty long extension cord otherwise)

I wish that I will get amazingly good at a 2-dimensional locomotion
(you might want to start with altering the laws of physics first)

To be able to fly for at least an hour by using dust
(it better be magic faerie dust)

to be skinny and have abs (4pack)
(why not go for the whole 6 pack?)

I wish that God was my brother
(I can ‘t think of anything to say about that)

I wish that I could read books mentally in my mind
(uh, how do you read them now?)

I wish to have sex with my butler
(well, he is there to serve…)

I would like to have a baby from my husband
(wouldn’t be easier to do that yourself?)

I wish to finish my perfect Sniper vest
(could you make one for me too?)

I wish to Serve God and obey all His condemnants
(How many different ways does God currently have to condemn people?)

I wish to never be near people
(good luck with that)

I wish to wake up in the morning
(me too)

I wish to be 180 mm tall
(I don’t know how tall that is but it sounds really, really small)

I wish that i will have power over fruit
(everyone has power over fruit)

Have the full controlled substance account
(that could be fun)

I wish for me to find a notebook on the ground and it has good ideas in it
(Baba suggests that you think for yourself, those good idea notebooks are hard to come by)

Claymation Salvation


Praise Gumby

*Definition of Whence

Whence actually means “from where” or “from what place.” The “from” is already implied, therefore to say “from whence” would be to say: “from from whence.”

Strength in Numbers

This is not the same thing as Paint By Numbers. Although it’s close. To the Edge. The Edge of Nowhere. Nowhere Man. Man Up, Up, Up, and Away in my Beautiful my Beautiful Balloon, Balloon Animals, Animal Crackers, Cracked Up to Be, To Be or Not to Be, Be There or be Square, Square Deal. Deal or No Deal, Be Real, Real is Love, Love is Real, Love is the Answer, Questions, Question Mark, Marked for Deletion, Delete, Rinse and Repeat, Rinse Agent, Agent Orange, Orange Massachusetts, Taxachusetts, Taxed, Taxi, Toxic, Tactful, Hateful, Spiteful, Spiritual, Delusional, Deduction, Reduction, Redacted, Protracted, Protocol, Alcohol, Down the Hall, Hall of Fame, Famous Amos, Seamus, Beard Crust, Crusty the Crustacean, Migration, Instigation, Instigator, Alligator, See You Later, Later than you Think, So You Think You Can Dance, Fat Chance, Hypno-Trance, Ranch Dance, Blanch Ants, Flash Dance, Romance, Romancing the Stone, Stone Cold Sober, Part-time Lover, Lovey Dover, Walking Rover, Running a Fever, Ward Cleaver, Beefeater, Steak Sauce, Rake Toss, Kate Moss, Santa Klaus, Reindeer Socks, Rock’em Sock’em Robots, Glow Darts, Sand Art, Art for Art’s Sake, Money for God’s Sake, God’s Wisdom, Mind in Prison, Shackled, Manacled Condemned to Hell.


May 2015


I’m shopping for a new qair mattres since mine didn’t even last one season (ONLY USED TIMES!) On Amazon, 90% of the matresses shown show the size of the PACKAGE, you have to do research to find out the size of the inflated mattress.

This is stupid.