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ecclesiastical debate?

Yesterday, a very interesting thing happened. There was a heated discussion about religion on FaceBook and I wasn’t a participant. I know, the fact that I wasn’t a participant is amazing.

Here is the conversation (in screen shots) for your review:






Visit the Magic Wishing Well

My wish for Baba is:

I wish I was white, not black (As in skin appearance wise). I wish my name changed to Skylar Collin – Van Vaeis. I wish to have long waist – length blonde hair and light blue eyes, thin ankles, slim calves, slender thighs and a thin waist. I also have small hands, arms and I have tiny feet and toes, as well as a smoking hot body that everyone in the world will drool over, with the big breasts, to the tiny thin waist, medium size butt to the curvy body type. Every woman is like this in my family. I also wish to have four other sisters and a younger brother, named: Kaylee, Paige, Bernice, Dinalea and Bryan. Kaylee is the oldest, she is four years older than me and my other sisters, and Kaylee is twenty – two years old, she was born on the 26 of June 1993. Paige, Bernice, Dinalea and I we are all quadruplets. We were all born on the 27th of May in 1996, and we are turning nineteen years old this year, but, Paige is the first, then Bernice, Dinalea and then me; Skylar as the last one. Then Bryan is three years younger than us, so he was born on the 21st of September so he is sixteen years old and seven years younger than Kaylee. I, Paige, Bernice and Dinalea, we all look the same except for hair color, eye color and bust size. For example, Kaylee has light brown long hair and crimson eyes, Paige has long black hair and yellow eyes, Bernice has long red – ginger hair and light hazel eyes, Dinalea has long brown hair and lime eyes and Bryan has jet dark hair with grey eyes. As well as; in my family I wish all of our eyes change can in any way. For example if we are angry our eyes change into red and they have a fire illusion that our eyes are burning, our eyes can do this with any and every emotion. And our eyes change color and everything like that. Me and my sisters all have different bust sizes and we don’t wear the same bra size. For instance I wish Kaylee is an 34 ‘E’ cup for her breasts, Paige is a 30 ‘D’ cup for her breasts, Bernice is a 28 ‘DD’ for her breasts, Dinalea is a 36 ‘D’ cup for her breasts and me; Skylar I am a 36 ‘DD’ cup for my breasts. And our mother Hazel she is a 34 ‘F’ cup for her breasts. Our parents; our mother; Hazel Lavender Collin – Van Vaeis who was born on the 26th of May 1982 and our father: Daniel David Connor Johnwin Collin – Van Vaeis who was born 22nd of May 1982. They are the best parents anyone could ever ask for. I wish that they both will never inflict any rules or regulations, they never shout, yell or raise their voices. Their go – moto is: “We will let our children learn from their own mistakes which is why we don’t give them rules to abide by”. Our parents, grandparents and great – grandparents are all the best ever, and I wish that they are all still alive, from both sides of the family. And to our other “grandparents” The Gods: Zeus, Hera, Poseidon, Neptune, Demeter, Apollo, Athena, Arternis, Ares, Aphrodite, Hephaestus, Hermes, Hestia, Dionysus, Aether, Stynx, Prometheus, Perses, Pallas, Aphion, Metis, Menotius, Leto, Lelantos, Eurynome, Eurybia, Epimetheus, Hercules, Goliath, Eos, Selene, Helios, Dione, Elymene, Aura, Atlas, Astraeus, Asteria, Themis, Theia, Tethys, Thea, Phoebe, Oceanus, Mnemosyne, Lapetus, Hypeion, Cronus, Coeus, Nemesis, Hades, Tartarus, Thalassa, Nyx, Hermera, Thanatos, Gaia, Ourea, Phanes, Pontus, Eros, Hypnos, Hesai, Urans, Erebus, Chronos, Chaos, Ananke, Aether, I wish that our family have a direct bloodline between us and them. And because of this bloodline my family, we all have magical powers. Some of which came from them; like I wish that is the ability to change into a mermaid whenever we get into water (except in the shower), a gift from Poseidon, Neptune and Oceanus. And I wish as well as that, another gift from the Gods, for me and my family to speak every single different language the is to know on the planet Earth. I wish that we can also speak alien. I wish that my entire family is immortal, we have an elixir which we can use to help cure diseases and death if we drink it. And I as well wish that with The Gods we can all talk to them, either telepathically or physically. Another gift that I wish was given to us by The Gods is the ability of flight. In my family, I wish that we can’t touch the ground, we can only float. I wish that in my family, we defy gravity, we cannot touch the ground or any surface at all. When we stand, sit or run around, we can’t touch the surface at all, we can only levitate. And I wish that because of this gravitational defiance, all of us in our family, we dont weigh as much a feather on your hand. I wish that we are all very healthy, but comparing our weight with a feather… A feather is heavier than we are in comparison. I also wish to have magical hair clips that can change our hair color, our hair length and our hair structure. As well as that I wish to we have all of these magical powers of our own; like for instance: acid secretion, electrokinesis, fire throwing, telekinesis, aerokinesis, age shifting, agility, apporation, teleportation, projection, atmokinesis, audible inundation, augmentation, aura choking, aura manipulation, banishing, beaming, black orbing, black telekinetic orbing, blinking, blood boiling, body insertion, bursting balls, calling, camouflage, catoprtromancy, channeling, chronokinesis, clairaudience, clinging, cloaking, cloning, combustive orbing, conjuration, conjuring the elements, corporealization, crushing, cryokinesis, cursing, dark binding, dark warping, deflection, deviation, discord, divination, dream leaping, dusting, ectoplasmic webbing, elasticity, electrokinesis, empathy, enchantment, energetic fading, energy balls, energy beam, energy blast, energy bolts, energy magic, energy projection, energy sparks, energy waves, enhanced intuition, enhanced senses, fading, fear amplification, fear projection, fire balls, fire breathing, fire throwing, flaming, flame fading, flight, floating, force blasts, force fields, genesis, geokinesis, glamoring, glistening, , high resistance, glisten – fading, healing, holograms, hope reading, hovering, hydrokinesis, hyper speed, hypnosis, illusion casting, immortality, immunity, inaneration, intangibility, invincibility, invisibility, inspire creativity, kiss of death, knowledge absorption, laser bolts, levitation, life draining, light darts, lightning teleportation, liquification, literary manipulation, luck granting, luring manifestation, mediumship, memory manipulation, mind manipulation, molecular acceleration, molecular combustion, molecular decelaration, molecular dispersion, molecular immobilization, molecular inhibition, molecular manipulation, mummification, nature enhancement, necrokinesis, omnilingualism, optical fire bolts, optical energy balls, orbing, orb shield, particle swarm, perrification, photokinesis, plasma balls, portal creation, possession, potion making, power absorption, power containing, power extraction, power granting, power mimicry, power negation, power replication, power stripping, power swapping, power of four, promotion, pressurization, projection, projective invisibility, projection levitation, psychic echo, psychic reflection, psychokinesis, pyrokinesis, pyrotechnics, rage projection, rainbow teleportation, reality wrapping, reconstitution, regeneration, releasing repression, remote teleportation, resurrection, retrocognition, sand manipulation, sand teleportation, scrying, sense stealing, sensing, shadow blasts, shadow manipulation, shamanism, shape shifting, shimmering, shredding, shrinking, sleep induction, smoke secretion, smoke fading, smoke whirling, smoke teleportation, sonic scream, soul absorption, soul blasting, soul containment, sparkling, spell casting, spiralization, spirit absorption, spirit dominion, spirit writing, strangulation, suggestion, summoning, super strength, swallowing, technopathy, telekinesis, telekinetic orbing, telematerialization, temporal stasis, thermal balls, thermal blasts, thermokinesis, thorn spitting, thought projection, time travel, touch of death, transformation, transmogrification, transmutation, voice echo, voice manipulation, vortex creation, voyeurism, water teleportation, web projection, wisping, wish granting, whirling, x – ray vision, power erasive, power morphing, power detection, power randomization, power via object, affinity, infinity. I wish that me and my family all have these powers and more. As well as; I wish that me and my family, we are friends with everybody. Everyone in the world, everyone in the galaxy and everyone in the Universe, even if they are aliens from Mars, we are friends with every single one on them. I wish we are the only ones who can choose to not be friends with someone. I wish that me and my family, we are all rich and famous, we live in these glamorous houses that cost massive amounts of money. I wish that me and family, we each earn approximately 4.5 billion every three months for a salary or a pay check. I wish that me and my family are highly recognized by people all over, and we are the richest people on Earth. I wish we all each have our very own houses, villas, mansions, and homes of our own, spread out all across the Universe, as well as hotels, restaurants, beach villas, penthouses, condos, car companies, lodges and any luxury suites that is part of high class maintenance. I wish me and my family a friends with some of the top actors and singers such as: Beyoncé, Charlize Theron, Jennifer Lopez, Ryan Reynolds, Ryan Gosling, George Clooney, Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt and so on… I wish that Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt, George Clooney, Duke and Duchess of England, Her Majesty the Queen, Prince of Mexico, Tom Hanks and Morgan Freeman are our Godparents for me and my siblings and our parents each of them well. I wish my family and I have been nominated for awards, Grammy’s and Oscar’s, and we have won. I wish that my sisters, me and my brother are so far the only children in the world to have over fifty Grammy and Oscar awards each of every kind of category. I wish that in my family we are all happy, and to make matters even better me and all my siblings have either a girlfriend/boyfriend. I wish that Kaylee’s boyfriend is Taylor Lautner; they have been dating since they were both sixteen, Paige’s boyfriend is Luke Hemmings; they have been dating for one year, Bernice’s boyfriend is Martin Garrix they too have been dating for a year, Dinalea’s boyfriend is Tye Sheridan and they also have been dating for a year, Bryan’s girlfriend is Sabrina Carpenter and they have been dating for five months, and me; Skylar, my boyfriend is Jake T. Austin, and we have been dating for a year just like my other twins have. I wish in my family whenever you date someone you love, you will never break up, ever, and all of our boyfriends now, we will never break up with them, we will love and live with them for ever, until we grow up and have children, then grow old to see our future together. And I wish that in our family if you’re dating and that person is the one that you should spend the rest of your life with, that person that you are dating develops. The person that you are with, they too can also talk to ‘The Gods’, they can communicate, because apparently they are the ones (Apart from our parents) that pick your destined one for you. And speaking of that, I wish that the members of the band One Direction, are me and my sisters’ best friends in the world ever. I wish that all of us have known each other since we were born. I wish that Louis Tomlinson is Kaylee’s best friend, Liam Payne is Paige’s best friend, Niall Horan is Bernice’s best friend, Zayn Malik is Dinalea’s best friend and Harry Styles is mine, Skylar’s best friend and Bryans best friend is Madison Lintz. I wish that all of us grew up together. I wish that our other best friends are all very distant or far away, like for instance me, Skylar, my other best friend Zelda De Instopikeo (she is half German, half Russian) she is a ginger with green eyes and she lives in Germany with her family. I wish her mother and father: Marina and Bobbert De Instopikeo, and her siblings… Her older sister: Lisa, her younger sister: Lea and her younger brother Luke. Her sisters are each five years older and younger than herself and her brother is three years younger than she is. I wish Zelda was also born on the same day as me and my sisters; the 27th of May in 1996. And I wish that me and my family, we all live in Beverly Hills, and we moved there and we are so happy. I wish that me and my family are also the smartest people in the world. I wish we are the only people to ever finish school in an early state of age. Meaning that, I wish me and my family had started school earlier than most, and we went through stressful times of being involved to much. I wish we are the only people to ever finish school when we were sixteen years old. Yes, I wish we started preschool at the age of two years, we started elementary at age four, we started high school at age six while still doing elementary, and we started going to college and University at age ten, while we were still doing elementary and high school as well. I wish we went to Green Fields Independent Elementary School. And for high school I wish we were all split. For high school I wish our parents sent us to single – sex schools. I wish Bryan went to: St Pauls School for boys and the rest of us girls: me, Dinalea, Paige, Bernice and Kaylee all went North London CollegiateSchool for girls. And I wish for our whole family we all went to Harvard University and passed with 100% percent perfect scores for the SATs scores. I wish we graduated with full colors and that is not all. I wish we also went to Yale, Cambridge, Guilford College and Oxford University for night classes, weekend classes and such. And I wish that when we went to school we were and still are excellent sportsmen. Whenever we play sports even when it is a friendly mini game, we still win. I wish we went through a lot of pain and torture going to school at such a young age. I wish we had gotten three degrees in: business communications, accounting and business studies and communicative sciences and law agreement. I wish to have two master degrees each as well as bachelor degrees for more intense studies we did and we each have a PhD. So I wish all of us now as nineteen year olds are legible to be called by the Title: Dr. As well as I wish that our dad being a qualified doctor with all degrees, diplomas and study set skill, he is Dr. Collin – Van Vaeis. I also wish that he is a world famous movie director, chef, golfer, motor cross driver, charted accountant, business man and father. I also wish that he travels all over the world for business and for pleasure when he wants a vacation with us, his family. I also wish that our mom is a world famous actor, singer, fashion designer, business woman, chef, lawyer and suitable attendant for excremental situations. I wish that she mainly travels to countries: Japan, Brazil, Canada, Argentina, London, Singapore and Namibia. And speaking of Namibia; I wish all of us as her children were all born there, Me, Paige, Bryan, Kaylee, Dinalea and Bernice were all born there and our dad helped deliver us since he is a doctor and every sector in his field he can do. And all of us kids, I wish that we are all famous like our parents, we all can cook like our parents can and etcetera. But the only thing is that we act in much more movies series, songs and commercials than our parents do. I wish that our mom is our manager and our dad is the director of all of our movies we act in. I wish we are all under: The Collin – Van Vaeis Brand. I wish it is worth every single thing you can think of… Cars, hotels and lodges, restaurants and cafes, clothes, aerodynamics, furniture, cosmetics, CDs, DVDs, movies, songs and etcetera. I wish that we are the family that lives the perfect life and we love it… But my wish contains so much more

Magic Wishing Well


I wish to find a handsome man soon who only have eyes for me and no other woman or men or others.
Please define “others.”

I want to start screaming and never stop.
Really? You might want to wish for some throat lozenges at the same time. Just sayin’.

I wish to have powers to switch bodies with everyone at the same time.
Are you sure? Everyone at the same time? Wouldn’t one at a time be more fun?

In the Name of The Light of God that never fails and in The Name of the Love of God that always fulfills, I wish Sanjeev Kaushal to have immense supernatural strength, immense supernatural magikal powers, immense good luck and immense joy, health, peace, wealth immediately and effortlessly, in a very peaceful, positive, benevolent, powerful and magikal ways of the Great Divine.
You misspelled magical.

For chaos theory to fall madly in love with me and never attack me again.
When was the first attack? Before or after string theory came into the picture? It could be jealousy.

I wish for God to stop punishing me for not believing in him.
I don’t think you need me to get your wish.

I wish Sunny Isles would open an ice rink permanently in the plaza somewhere around the Marshall Islands and it would be popular and it made a lot of money. If Sunny Isles opened an ice rink I wouldn’t have to worry about the long distance driving and I would go there everyday to skate and I would be so happy. I wish I was able to not fear to turn in my skates at the end of the session.
First of all, can you drive to the Marshall Islands? …and if you’re really into skating, why don’t you spring for your own skates that way you won’t have to fear the process of turning the rental skates in.

I wish our society would get more into the bible again where its at a cool awesome level, and those who were lost in lesbianism will be back to normal and that all things about Satan in the United States will go away, as soon as Obama gets out of office.
uh, would it be bad for those things to happen while Obama is still in office? I don’t get it.

I wish that i could truly be 100% careless about people and society in general.
If your faith is strong enough, it will happen.

I wish that organic vegan breath fresheners were mass marketed.
They are. I pretty sure every single breath mint manufactured is probably already vegan, isn’t it? Would people really want meat or animal by-products in their mints? Yuck.

I wish I had a slightly boyish nose and slightly girlish eye.
You do.

I wish for protection from all the small insect part on the window sill.
Sorry, that’s not going to happen any time soon.

To get an envelope with $300 under my pillow every 30 minutes.
Um, why not get one envelope containing a blank check and get it all done in one fell swoop? Baba likes things simple.

I want to get a lot of money without anyone losing their job over it.
That’s just stupid.

If I were a boy, I’d wish to be a girl.
If I were a carpenter, I’d pick up my hammer and see.

I wish that Nicki Minaj would take me on a shopping spree.
I have no snappy comeback for this wish. I’m still trying to understand why it needs to be Nicki Manaj. If you write a list, then pretty much anyone could get you the things you want.

I wish i had a mansion with iron gates and nobody could break through them to ask me for a loan.
Or you could forgo the gates altogether and just say no.