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Chicory: why?

Recently, I was looking for a grain beverage to enjoy as a coffee adjunct or occasional coffee substitute. Dandelion root is something I can roast myself and I will try that this year. Another thing that I investigated was chicory root. I was aware of its use as a coffee substitute or additive to make a less expensive “coffee blend.”

As usual, almost everything I found on the subject was contaminated with new age rhetoric and folklore. Why is reality and science not interesting enough for people? Why does everything have to have mysterious qualities assigned to it to make it more appealing?

I found an online source of the things I was searching for called iHerb (no, it’s not an Apple enterprise, ha). I bought some chicory root and other herbal teas and coffee substitutes. On one of the pages about chicory was some very poorly written descriptive text. Here’s my reaction to what I read (keep in mind, I was pretty stoned during this writing exercise…)

chicory plant







Click on the image below so you can more easily read it…chic

Fear and loathing?

The guy at Higgins Energy that we bought our wood stove from is afraid of me. Actually, I think he’s terrified of me. Whenever we go in, I’m the one who greets him and tells him what we’ve come in for, etc. but as soon as I finish talking he turns to Allen and explains everything to him and ignores me.  He almost never looks at me. Maybe he just likes Allen a whole lot.


And now a word to and from Baba…

Visit the Magic Wishing Well

Visit the Magic Wishing Well

I wish that when I fail sleep tonight that I leave this realty and go to create and be in an alternate realty where I will live as another person in those other realties.
First, if you actually fall asleep then you haven’t failed at sleeping. Second, dream realty still hasn’t rebounded like actual real-world realty has so you may be in for some disappointments.

I wish I had the power to create and live in parallel university.
Are you related to the previous wisher?

I wish that when I fall asleep that my wishes will come true.
Wouldn’t you rather be conscious for the experience?

I wish to earn four million dollars in return for doing nothing.
I think you have to DO something to EARN something or else it’s just a windfall or a fortuitous event.

Have a magic wishing rock with unlimited amount of wishes.
That’s not even a proper sentence, now is it?

I wish Monroe, Louisiana have a very own an Olympic size criminal mud bath pit this summer in 2016. The design of the mud pit is big and wide, 4 to 4 and a half feet deep, the texture of the mud is very thick and creamy combination texture of powder healing clay, topsoil, and water, built-in technology percolator to keep the mud pit moist from dry out, changing rooms, and nearby shower facilities to wash off afterwards. Cheap and affordable entry fee like ($5.00) five dollars at the door or gate. It will be advertised on television, newspapers, radio, and etc. within the Monroe, Louisiana for people to take notice and come to bathe and swim in the mud pit for skin treatment or just for fun. Fun for the whole family kids and adults. People of every race, color, culture, age, and class are welcome to enjoy the messy experience. Mud bath pit will be open all summer long like from June to August. Once it’s there, being built, and exist I hope family will drive me to the mud bath pit and picking me up from there and I hope they understand about mud bath swimming.
No comment.

I wish my family will kindly buy 2 16 oz. jars of Aztec Secret Indian Bentonite Clay from the computer online on for me please.
This is a real thing?

I wish my mother will allow me to spend the entire night tonight.
I think it’s part of the usual contract, isn’t it?

I wish my boyfriend liked me.
Tell me, does he know he’s your boyfriend?

To be awsome at prolbem solving and math.
I’m going to throw spelling in there at no extra charge.

I want Miss Awwad Brandon cursed for emotional problem solving.
OK, sure. Why not.

I wish to look like my Facebook profile picture.
That wish shouldn’t be necessary…

Before March 2nd, I wish to accident and coma for three days in a row.
Sorry, I just got this wish in late March, is it too late for a coma-inducing accident?

I wish my birthdays always came 5 days late.
That is confusing but if it’s really what you want…

Fun with MY Charter Phone Voice Mail!

I have a Charter phone. I don’t want to have one but it cost me less to have one than NOT to have one. Whatever. Anyway, I didn’t realize the fun it could provide. I just discovered the online voice mail manager. FUN! People have been leaving me messages! This is so cool. 90% of the messages left were prerecorded republican political ads begging me to vote for various republican people. I never heard of any of them and I deleted them, they weren’t entertaining at all. BUT, I did get two singing messages and a really great prerecorded message telling me I would get arrested if I didn’t call a phone number… priceless!!!

Here’s an example of what I call a singing message, the person “sings” instead of speaks like a normal human being:


Here’s another example, although the woman loses her singing voice as the message progresses:


Here’s one that has some good information but why was it left in my voice mailbox? What would one have to do to get MORE of these?


And finally, the BEST voicemail ever, one in which a prerecorded voice uses disjointed syntax and bizarre sentence structure to convey a confusing and amusing message that I’m sure NO INTELLIGENT person would ever respond to…


I’ll include more fun messages in the future if I get any (well, IF I remember to ever go check the voicemail. The ringer is off on my Charter phone so I probably won’t think about it again for a very long time).

Cruel and Unusual Punishment

A woman in my Facebook group left a message in which she used excessive gratuitous profanity. I couldn’t care less, actually…but the group guidelines state that excessive profanity for shock value alone is to be avoided. So I asked her to tone it down. Here’s the dialogue that ensued: